Help Street Children Find a “Life of Hope” 

There are over 40 million street children in the world and approximately 10 million live in Latin America alone.  There are thousands of children living in the streets in Guatemala City.  These precious lives end up on the street because of a multitude of social problems. Illiteracy, physical and emotional abuse, and violence makes the life of street children extremely difficult.

Life of Hope Ministries has established partnerships with existing field partners in Guatemala who provide basic education, health care, emotional support, and spiritual growth opportunities.  Our current partners are Tita Evertsz (La Limonada), New Life for Santa FazCristo es El Camino-(church at the dump) and Tiempo de Rescate (Time of Rescue).

As a Christian children’s charity our organization serves orphans and families at risk of producing street children.

Becoming a a partner in the efforts of Life of Hope Ministries will allow you to: share in acts of kindness to children in need, share the love of Jesus in a practical way, show thankfulness for the blessings you have received, and use your skills and abilities to help children and families in need.

Plan a Short Term Mission Trip
short term mission trips typically last 7-10 days and involves serving in various ministry activities of our field partners.  Our goal is to help support and expand the effectiveness of their work.  The short term groups helps us provide resources to directly benefit the children.  The trips also give its members the opportunity to use their skills and abilities in charity work that can change lives.  

Sponsor a Child
The child sponsorship program allows you to show a child in need that someone cares.  You support them financially and send notes of encouragement.  Life of Hope Ministries will send periodic updates to keep you informed about your sponsored child and make you aware of special needs.  The program supports activities that the children are currently involved in.  Education, nutrition, health care, and spiritual growth are the areas of focus in the child sponsorship program.  

Apply for a Service Opportunity 
Life of Hope Ministries co-ordinates Service Workers with our field partners.  The Service Opportunities last from 2-12 months.  You will be involved in various ministry activities during your Service Opportunity.  Language skills are helpful and are required for some positions.  Our Service Opportunities give you a chance to serve and learn in cross cultural ministry that works with street kids and families at risk of producing street children.  

Contact Us at (417) 850-0521 or you can email us at or email info@lifeofhope.org For More Information About
How You Can Bless Street Children in Latin America


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